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Friday, December 21, 2018

Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job

 Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job

Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job

I was just checking out your page with the list of jobs for felons I have been seriously looking having interviews but haven't had any luck I'm a first time felon never been in trouble my whole life made a mistake last yr by cashing a scam check that was sent to me in the mail and at the time I was really in need for money I'm a single mother my child's father is incarcerated. I'm charged in Virginia. My charge is felony false pretense to obtain money.  I only got charged because the store owner pressed charges.  The District Attorney didn't want to have charges against me because I have a good background.  I couldn't pay off the restitution before my final court date and now I am on probation indefinitely  because I didn't have to do any time. I have worked for the state of Virginia before in a mental health facility.  I also worked as a kitchen supervisor in a prison when I was younger and I have a lot of customer service skills. I haven't had a job since last year.  I was working on a military base at a store but they let me go because my charge was pending at the time. My question to you is what jobs or companies are more likely to hire someone with a background like mine?

Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job


I'm sorry you are having such a hard time finding work.  Unfortunately too many people give up future employment opportunities by making bad decisions.  Because your convictions falls into the category of theft/ robbery/ larceny, your integrity is in question.  My suggestion is to avoid applying for job that have anything to do with working with money or anything of value.  That would eliminate most cashier and retail jobs.

I have had students in your situations.  A few of them are working for telemarketing companies while others are working in supermarkets and factories.

Apply for Temporary Employment

I often encourage my students that have marketable skills, to apply for temporary employment.  Temporary jobs is a good way for ex-offenders and felons searching for jobs to get back into the working world.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2009, temporary jobs have made up about 19% of all new jobs. This due to companies looking to temporary employment agencies as a way to keep labor costs down.  Companies hire temporary employees for a number of reasons.  One reason is that it is up to the staffing agency to screen and interview employees.  Time is money and the less time used in the
Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job
hiring process, the better for the company.  If temp employees prove to be good at what they do and fit in well with the rest of the company, many are hired permanently.  Temporary workers can be very attractive to small companies. They can staff their businesses at a lower cost than regular full-time employees with benefits, which is  advantageous when they do not have the resources to employ a more permanent staff.

There is a twist when looking for temporary jobs.  There are two basic types of staffing agencies.  First there are the large, nationally know companies.  Companies like Adecco, Kelly Services and other big companies have hiring practices that are set at their corporate offices.  These practices may prohibit their local offices from hiring people with criminal records.  Some of them do, and some of them do not.  The other companies are smaller privately owned staffing agencies.  Because these smaller agencies are locally owned, they make their own rules regarding who they hire.  They can hire whomever they wish.  Ex-offenders and felons stand a greater chance of getting hired at these smaller agencies.

Get Help from your Local One-stop Career Center

One-Stop Career Centers are organized to furnish a full range of assistance to job seekers. The centers offer training referrals, career counseling, job listings, and similar employment-related services.  These centers are the best place for job seekers to get every thing they need for a successful job search.  If you need a resume,
Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job
you can get help getting one.  If you need interviewing skills, there are classes that can help you with developing them.  There computers that may be used to access the internet to search for jobs.  Each center also has lists of open positions in your immediate area.  Every center has counselors that can provide individualized assistance.  There also may be opportunities to get training for a new career.  With so many services available, I don't know why more people don't use these centers.  You can find the center nearest to you at the website below:

The Federal Bonding Program

Because you have a theft related conviction, you may want to look into the Federal Bonding Program.  A bond is an insurance policy that are issued in the name of an employee that protects the employer from losses due to theft by the employee.  More employers hire ex-offenders and felons than can get bonded.  Unfortunately some insurance companies will issue bonds for employees that have theft or related convictions.  The federal government makes it easier for certain people to get bonded that may not be able to be bonded by private companies.  This is a good selling point on an interview if you point out that you can be bonded.  You can read more about the Federal Bonding Program by clicking the link to another blog post I have here:

Federal Bonding Program helps Felons get Jobs

The best of luck to you

Eric Mayo

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Female felon in MD needs job assistance

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  Mom is a Felon and Cannot find a Job

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