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About Me

About Me

Felon jobs My name is Eric Mayo and I have been helping ex-offenders and felons get jobs for over ten years.  I specialize in professional and personal development with special emphasis on life skills and job readiness training. I have over 20 years of corporate and educational experience which I use to help felons get jobs and improve the quality of their lives and lives of their families.

Getting a job is difficult enough but getting a job with a criminal record is even tougher.  I started this blog to help felons gain insight into what it takes to get a job with a record.  There are a different set of challenges that felons face when trying to get jobs. They must take a totally different approach than the average job seeker.

I travel all over the country speaking to various groups and conducting seminars aimed at helping felons develop the skills that will lead to job search success.  Most of the material I use is from my experience teaching ex-offenders and felons in real life situations. Perhaps the biggest problem I face is convincing them that they are not victims.  They have a situation that requires courage, commitment and determination if they are to succeed.  No one is going to pity them.  No one is going to give them a break.  The only way they will become successful is to develop a plan and to work hard.

Whenever I conduct seminars I get the same questions over and over.  I started this blog so that felons and people who want to help them, can have their questions answered in an open forum so others can share in the information.  My hope is that people will see my blog and pass on the information or even encourage others to submit their questions.

I also have written a book called "From Jail to a Job."  It is a step-by-step guide that can help felons get jobs.  If you would like more information about my book or information on booking one of my seminars, please visit my website: 

You can contact me directly or ask a question to be answered on this blog at my email address:

About me

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About Me