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Monday, August 17, 2015

Conviction Hurting Job Search

Conviction Hurting Job Search

Conviction Hurting Job Search
I was convicted back in 2001 for numerous felonies, 14 to be exact, 13 of them was non sexual related (Stealing off ebay, bomb threats, forgery etc..) Long story short, 6 months after the police raided my apartment and took my computer equipment, I was 4 days shy of taking a plea for Probation AND a hefty fine. Well then the police send a warrant out for my arrest for promoting child pornography, which was total BS. I was running an ADULT website with 9,800 ADULT pictures on my computer, but out of that number, they found 12 pictures of underage (under 18) of teenagers or children. Well I had to withdraw my plea and plead guilty of that charge, otherwise if I took it to trial and fought that, the 29 felonies of stealing and other offenses would not be dropped and would be facing 43 felonies which I WAS guilty of.. So I served 3.5 years in prison on a 10 year sentence, but obviously now I have been a registered sex offender. I am highly qualified in the Audio/Video Field.

Well finding a job is seriously impossible, no matter how qualified I am, no one will give me a chance. I started my own AV Company back in 2006 and with any business its always up and down. Been trying to get out of the business I am qualified to do and get a "stable" job that pays even just more than $10 an hour.. Even though my conviction(s) was 12 years ago and I have been 100% clean since, no one seems to care. They would much rather hire someone with 0 experience and a bad work history than hire someone like me..

Going Through the groups that I have went through while on parole, the highest paid job that I remember an offender having was $9 per hour.. There is no way I can support my family on that income, well I guess I can, but we would be on some kind of welfare forever and live in bad parts of town.. If it wasnt for my 6 year old girl, no doubt in my mind I would have no problem just going back to prison, and that is sad to say but it is so true.

So I guess its time to start applying at fast food places, oh wait been there done that, I had an interview a few months back at BURGER KING, starting pay $8/hr! I couldnt even land that job! Very sad.. The screwed up thing is the only difference between me and a lot of other people in the world is, I got caught and they didnt." I am sure a LOT of us has done something stupid in our lifetime that COULD have landed us in prison, but a LOT of us never got caught..

I can rant and rave for a long time, but I have kept track since 2010 since I have been trying to find a decent job. I have applied at 392 places, been interviewed 72 times and have landed ZERO jobs.. So I guess maybe I need to apply at 392 more places, and maybe, just maybe I might land that $8/hr dream job!

 Conviction Hurting Job Search

Wow, that's quite a story.  Law enforcement is really cracking down on the possession of pornographic materiel containing minors.  In fact, I know of teens who have had to register as sex offenders for having nude pictures of their "friends" on their cellular phones.  I tell these kids that "sexting" pictures of minors is indeed a crime in most states.  I hope people pass this information on.

In your situation, unfortunately, possessing such materials is punishable under the same statutes as rape and other such sex crimes.  No matter what your other convictions are, the sex offense will always attract more attention.  It is also unfortunate that all are lumped together as sex crimes and therefore scrutinized by society at large the same way.

My suggestion to you is to seek employment in the video production field in the adult industry or even as a consultant.  There are sites popping up everyday.  I'm sure there is a market for your skills.  You may also consider finding another niche.  With your knowledge and experience you would be successful marketing a more mainstream product.

My only other suggestion is to contact your local United Way office.  The United Way funds a long list or social service organizations.  You may find an advocacy group that has experience with cases similar to yours or they may every suggest an agency that could use a person with your skills.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  Registering as a sex offender has so many restrictions that finding an ordinary job may be otherwise difficult.

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Conviction Hurting Job Search

Conviction Hurting Job Search

Conviction Hurting Job Search

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Felon in North Carolina looking for Job

Felon in North Carolina looking for Job

Felon in North Carolina looking for Job

My name is Dylan and I am a two time felon. I have to 3rd degree burglary charges under my belt from 2004-2005 in New Jersey. I moved to North Carolina after Sandy hit the entire state of New Jersey. It is very hard to find work. I can not even get hired at the local McDonald's or other low entry level jobs. I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I have been out of trouble for so many years and still paying for my mistakes today. I feel hopeless. I can't provide for myself let alone for someone else.

I am 27 years old and I just want my life to start. I will take any kind of job but it seems that no one will take a chance on me. I currently live with a friend who has been taking care of me and supporting me. He is falling behind on his bills because of it. I am out of options. I am in a new state where I do not now anyone. No family or friends in the area and no one to help. I am desperately asking you for any help that you can give me.. I live in High Point, North Carolina. I have been rejected from everywhere over and over. Even from temp agencies. I do not know what else to do.

Please help!


Felon in North Carolina looking for Job

Hello Dylan,

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble.  I am in New Jersey, and yes Sandy did a lot of damage here.   The very first thing I suggest to every ex-offender and felon looking for jobs is to go to your local One-stop Career Center.  There you will find a number of great resources that can help you find a job or even a
Felon in North Carolina looking for Job
career.  If you need a resume, you can get help getting one.  If you need interview skills, you can get help.  There are also lists of open positions in your area.  In addition, you will find counselors that can give you employment assistance.  Often the counselors know of employers who have hired ex-offenders and felons in the past.

You can find the office in High Point below:

High Point JobLink Career Center
 607 Idol Street
High Point, NC 27262

You say you have applied for temporary employment.  There is a trick to apply for temporary jobs.   The trick is to apply at small independent agencies.  Smaller agencies are a better choice than larger, nationally known ones. Independent agencies are free to hire anyone they choose and are more likely to hire ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs.  You may find some in your local telephone directory.  Apply to them as you would any other employer.

Take a look at the video below.

Jobs for felons: Working as a Temporary Employee

Jobs for Felons: How to Find Hidden Jobs

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Felon in North Carolina looking for Job

Felon in North Carolina looking for Job

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Jobs for Felons: Ten Tricks Interviewers Use

Jobs for Felons: Ten Tricks Interviewers Use

Jobs for Felons: Ten Tricks Interviewers Use
Ex-offenders and felons have a very tough time finding jobs and even getting interviews.  That's no secret, so when an interview finally comes, they should put themselves in the best possible position to get hired.  While we all know that the applicant wants the job, the interviewer has a responsibility to hire the best person available.

In my career that spans more than thirty years, I have have seen and used a number of tricks that interviewers use to get through all of the rehearsing and other things applicants use to put themselves in the best light.  These tricks are used to make applicants reveal who the really are.  Often these tricks go unnoticed. I am going to share with you my all time favorite interviewer tricks.

1.  The Waiting Game - I have seen applicants been made to wait up to an hour to be interviewed.  What I have learned is that the longer people wait, the more they become themselves.  The combination of nerves and aggravation will reveal true personalities.  Whether it is using bad language, complaining, or engaging in inappropriate conversation, this is a true test.  I have even seen applicants flirt with the receptionist, employees and other applicants thus exposing parts of their character.  No matter how long you have to wait, stay professional at all times.

2.  Just One of the Guys - Some interviewers will present themselves as really friendly types that throw formality out of the window.  This often will make the applicant relax (sometimes too much,) which causes them to let their guards down.  When guards come down, things slip out.  I teach my students never to reveal too much information especially about their criminal backgrounds or other errors in judgement.  Never offer information that isn't asked. The interview is not the place to tell your life story or talk about all of mistakes you have made in your life.  Never talk about personal problems, habits, or relationships issues.  Be personable but never tell more than anyone needs to know.  Never talk about to religion, politics, or sex.  Even If the interviewer brings them subjects up, these are not discussions you want to get into.  Never, ever use slang or profanity.

3.  The Big Squeeze -  This neat little trick I use to when I ask applicants into my office. I stand partially in the doorway, forcing the other person turn sideways to squeeze by.  In the few seconds it takes to squeeze by, I get a lot of information.  I can get a hint about the individual's personal hygiene, if they have smoked recently or even taken a drink.  Many employers shy away from hiring smokers.  Smokers require more breaks than non-smokers.  Smokers have more health problems than non-smokers.  If you do smoke, do not smoke before your interview.  If you have alcohol on your breath, forget it!

4.  Hold up! Don't sit down! -  To many people, respect and manners count for a lot and some interviewers will test this a number of ways.  My favorite is sitting down and waiting to see what the applicant does.  My office is like my house.  If he sits down without being invited, it may be because he lacks social graces or he is simply disrespectful.  When you get to the interview area, always wait until the interviewer asks you to be seated.  If he doesn’t offer, politely ask “May I sit?”  Never touch the interviewer’s desk or put anything on it.

5.  Butter Fingers -  Another one of my favorite personality revealers is very subtle but it tells a lot.  I may drop a pen or other small object.  If the applicant picks it up, more than likely, the person is a caring, helpful individual.  If he doesn't, it usually means he cares only about himself.

 Top Five Job Interview Mistakes Ex-offenders and Felons make 

The next five are not really tricks, but they are clever ways  interviewers weed out applicants with questions.

6.   Have you Done Your Homework? -  Often interviewers ask "What do you know about our company?"  Interviewers ask this because they want to know if you are serious about working with them. If you haven't prepared for the interview by doing some research on the company, it will show.

It would appear that you are very interested in the job just by doing some research.  Some things you should find out:

How old is the company.

Number of locations

Number of employees

What the company business

Who is the competition?

If it is a large company, you may find this information on the internet or the library.  If you are interviewing with a small local business, you may get the information from the receptionist if you call.

7.  Money, Money, Money -  "How much money are you looking for?"  This is a tricky question that is used to disqualify applicants.  It's tricky because if you give a dollar amount that is too low, you may be paid less than others doing the same job.  If you give an amount that is too high, you may disqualify yourself.  I teach my students to never talk about money until someone offers them a job.  So, the response may be "Are you offering me this job?"  Whether the answer is yes or no, the response should be something like this, "I want to be paid fairly.  I know you will make me a fair offer."    If that answer is not enough, remember no dollar amounts, you should answer, "I want as much as you can afford to pay me."

8.  I'm Feeling Weak - We all have gotten the question, "What is your greatest strength?" and we pretty much know how to handle that one.  People have a a lot of trouble with the follow question which is sure to follow- "What is your biggest weakness?"  Most people blow that one because they forget that the interview is used to sell yourself.  With that in mind, do you think I would be foolish enough to tell you about a real fault of mine that might cost me the opportunity to get a job?  Interviewers count on it!  Every has weaknesses, but don't not tell the interviewer anything that can be used against you.  There are two ways to handle this.  You can present a strength you have as a weakness or you can offer a technical weakness as long as it has nothing to do with the job.  You might say "I get really upset at myself when I don't finish everything on time." It looks like a weakness, but it come across really well because it tells how important it is for you to finish thing promptly.   The second option is to offer a technical weakness (as long as it has nothing to do with the job."  It may sound like this, "I want to brush up on my writing skills.  I write ok, but I want to get better."

9.  Bossy, Bossy - This question is used to spot a troublemaker and it works every time, "Tell me about the worst boss you've ever had?" Under no circumstances should you ever say anything negative about any past job or supervisor.  To an interviewer, only a troublemaker would speak ill of former job or company. In the mind of the interviewer, you were a problem.  That's why you are no longer there.   It's ok to quit a job or even get fired and there are positive ways to explain even a not so great situation.  You might say something like.  "I have had bosses, some better than others.  I have learned something from all of them even if it is what not to do."

10. I have a Question - The final one is a question that is not tricky at all, but an interviewer can find out a lot about what on an applicant's mind with it.    "Do you have any questions for me?"  I am amazed how often applicants answer "no" to this question.  By answering "no" job searchers pass up a golden opportunity to finish off on an extremely high note.  Some really great questions are:

Why is this position open?

What are the day to day duties of this position?

 hat are some of the more difficult problems one would have to face in this job?

What are the opportunities for advancement?

Did you know I can be bonded?  (Federal Bonding Program)

By asking questions like these the interviewer will get the impression that you are interested in more than just a paycheck, which looks really good.

Ex-offenders and felons have a tough time getting interviews so when they come, they have to make them count.  These are some clever tricks that a seasoned interviewer would use to find out more about the person sitting in front of them than what they are saying.  Now you will recognize them when you encounter them and make them work to your advantage!

Best of luck on your interview!

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Jobs for ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs : What to wear to the interview

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Are you an ex-offender or felon who has a question about finding a job with a criminal record?  I have been helping ex-offenders and felons get jobs for over ten years and I feel I have an understanding of what works. I will be updating this blog often. I will answer specific questions relating to getting a job with a criminal record on this blog so feel free to send me your questions.   The right information could help felons get jobs.  You could have your question answered right here. Email your question to:

If you are a felon and really serious about getting a job or you want to help someone you care about get a job, check out this link: From Jail to a Job 

Jobs for Felons: Ten Tricks Interviewers Use

Jobs for Felons: Ten Tricks Interviewers Use

Jobs for Felons: Ten Tricks Interviewers Use

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Felon in PA needs help finding jobs

Felon in PA needs help finding jobs

Felon in PA needs help finding jobs

I am contacting you after perusing the Jail to Jobs website and the How Felons Can Get Jobs blog.  I am originally from Philadelphia and am planning on returning there after my time at college (out-of-state). I am a convicted felon (over seven years) and will actively be seeking employment in Philadelphia in the coming year. I would like to know if you have any recommendations for re-entry programs or job placement. While it has been eight years since my last arrest, I am sure that I will still find the same difficulty gaining employment as a recently released ex-offender.

Aside from the past two years (enrolled in college since ‘08), I have maintained full-time employment since 2003. Although I have previously worked with various ministries and organizations, because most of the establishments have primarily focused their programming on adjudicated youth and ex-offenders, my past criminal history has not been a concern. However, as a soon to be college graduate with a great deal of life experience, I am looking to possibly expand my horizons.

I thank you in advance for your time and support and await your posted reply.



 Felon in PA needs help finding jobs

Hello John,

There are a number of sources in the Philadelphia area that help ex-offenders and felons find jobs. I have listed to below.

Best of luck to you.
Metropolitan Career Center/STRIVE Philadelphia
162 West Chelten Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Web Site:

Please do not forget to go to your local One-stop Career Center.  You will find a ton of free services and resources that can help you get a job or start a new career.  You can get individual assistance with your job search from counselors.  These services can help get a felon jobs.  You will find your local One-stop Career Center here:

Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation

1617 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, 13th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103–1813

Web Site:

Philadelphia Works Inc.

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Felon in PA needs help finding jobs

Felon in PA needs help finding jobs


Felon in PA needs help finding jobs

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