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Monday, January 23, 2017

Felon wants Job with an Airline

 Felon wants Job with an Airline

Initiative to get ex-offenders back to work soars through the Senate

My husband was convicted of a felony 10 yrs ago. He just recently received an associates degree as well as his FCC and A&P licenses to become an avionics technician. I have been kind of resistant towards his degree path because it seems like such a restricted field for someone with a felony. I noticed you had a couple airlines listed on your list of people who hire felons. Do you think he has a chance with these companies to become a technician? Also, do you know anything about getting felonies removed from your record?

 Felon wants Job with an Airline

We do list airline on our list of companies that hire ex-offenders and felons.  The nature of the conviction in relation to the position applied for will come into play.  My suggestion is to apply to airlines using well written cover letters introducing the prospective employee's resume and the position desired.  Hopefully one will get an interview where he can meet someone with the power to make a decision.  At sometime during this process, the issue of the criminal record will come up and can be discussed.

Felon wants Job with an AirlineAs far as having felonies removed,  many people are a little confused when it comes to this issue no one can remove a criminal conviction.  The most that one can hope for is to have it removed from public view.  Many lawyers will advertise that they can erase criminal records.  Through processes like sealing or expungement they can get them hidden, but they will always be available to the court system, law enforcement and government agencies.  My suggestion to your husband is save himself a ton of money by contacting your local legal aid office.  Legal aid offices are usually staffed with young, hungry attorneys who are willing to work hard to get things done.  Statutes governing sealing and expungement of criminal records vary from state to state.  Legal aid will be able to tell him what options he has and what the impact will be on his record.  He may qualify for free or low-cost assistance.

I hope this helps.

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 Felon wants Job with an Airline

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