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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Jobs for Felons: Social Media can Hurt your Job Search

Jobs for Felons: Social Media can Hurt your Job SearchSocial media has become a huge part of the lives of many people.  It's a great way to connect and network with others all over the world.  I recently made a presentation at job fair where I met employers that have hired felons or ex-offenders in the past.

I asked 30 of the 50 or so employers "Are there any new techniques employers use to screen potential employees?" The overwhelming response was that they check applicant's social media.  Employers have started to monitor a potential employee's social media as a fast and really alternative to expensive background checks.

It's hard enough getting a job with a criminal record.  There can be things on your social media accounts that can make getting jobs for felons even harder.  There are a lot of things that employers look for on social media that can ruin an applicant's chances at getting  hired.  Here are the main things that may catch an employers eye.

Unprofessional Screen Name or Profile - Like it or not, employers will judge you by your screen name so choose wisely.  Names like "Sexy Kitten" or "Big Daddy D" may sound cool for connecting but they really won't help you get a job.  In fact it may hurt your chances to get a job.  You can never go wrong using your own name.

Information about Alcohol or Drug Use - A weekend of hard partying may have been fun but posting about it may really turn employers off.  Pictures of you passed out or impaired may be funny but it won't be to someone who may have wanted to hire you.

Inappropriate Photos or Videos - Picture and video of lewd or provocative behavior posted anywhere is damaging.  Be careful of other people posting stuff with you in it.  This can be equally damaging.  Also be mindful of being photographed or recorded in any situation that may related to criminal behavior.  Being recorded with guns, gang members or drug paraphernalia may boost your street credibility but it will have the opposite effect on your ability to get a job.

Derogatory Comments Related to Religion, Race, Sexual Orientation or Gender - No matter what your personal views are about these subjects, spouting them in a negative way on social media will really make you look bad to an employer especially if personal offense is taken.
Posting these types of things on social media is bad enough but sharing these types of things posted y others will have the same effect.  Also anyone can take anything you have posted and share it.  Even if you have deleted it, negative posts may still alive and shared all over the internet so be careful.

Social media is a sign of the times. It can even be a lot of fun but bear in mind the effect that it may have on your job search.  There are employers that may hire ex-offenders and felons.  Your social media will make a difference to someone who wants to hire a professional mature minded person.  Keep it clean, keep it professional, keep it G-Rated and you should have no problem.

Jobs for Felons: Social Media can Hurt your Job Search

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Jobs for Felons: Social Media can Hurt your Job Search

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