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Monday, January 17, 2022

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?
I have a felony for cashing fake checks, I was not the one making them, I had cashed them and now I have these felonies on my record, I have been trying to hard to get a job, but once they pull my record I can never get it. I am a changed person but I cannot get a job.

Please help me.

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

Well, let's see.  You have multiple felonies for cashing bad checks.  Convictions involving any kind of theft or robbery can be quite a challenge when looking for jobs.  You can pretty much rule out any type of employment involving cash, merchandise or other valuables. I encourage my students to always be honest when applying for jobs but often when employers see convictions for theft or other crimes involving integrity on applications, they are reluctant to hire them.  Even if the applicant checks "no" to the "Have you ever been convicted....." question, they risk being fired later when background checks are done.  So what are felons with these times of convictions do?  My suggestions is to apply to smaller, family owned businesses.

These smaller businesses rarely spend money on background checks because they cost so much.  Another thing that is common is they tend to use standard applications that are purchased at stationery stores.  These are very generic applications.  When you get to the dreaded question, simply leave it blank.  There is a good chance that the business owner will overlook it.  This will allow you to a least get an interview where you can sell the employer on your attitude and skills.  If the question about having a criminal record does come up, your response can be something like this,  "I'm glad you're asking this because I want you to feel comfortable about hiring me......."  Then you briefly talk about your conviction but spend more time talking about the changes you have made and what you have done to make yourself a better person since making some bad choices.

These may not be the best jobs in the world, but they will give you the opportunity to build a work history, makes some contacts and maybe even some references that will pay off when you apply for better jobs later.

The thing that you will have to understand is that finding jobs for ex-offenders and felons is a numbers game.  The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you will get.  You get more interviews and you will have more opportunities to get hired.

Be sure you have all the tools you will need to to make a good impression.  Get a good resume, great interview clothes and practice those interview skills.  Put yourself in the best possible position to make a good impression.

Eric Mayo

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How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

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How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

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