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Monday, June 25, 2018

Lady Felon has Hope for Medical Career

 Lady Felon has Hope for Medical Career

Lady Felon has Hope for Medical Career
I wanted to personally thank you for your information and motivational reassurance that with hard work and good intentions, there will be results.  I am a 32 year female and have had 11 years in the medical field specifically with management and administration.

My last job was the best by far working on a military base as a Tricare representative.  The Dept. of Defense made cuts across all 50 states and my position was eliminated.  Upon my return back home to California from Las Vegas, I allowed myself a little "vacation party time".  My choice one fateful afternoon does not represent  me professionally nor personally but just a "social choice,"  rather one of the biggest lessons in my life.  I am now faced with a Felony charge for possession and with no priors whatsoever, clean image, and of course I will be in excellent standing during my probation period of 2 years....I am now faced with the realization that the next few years and advancing my career in the health field will be impaired.  However not impossible. I will also add that I do not have an addiction and am actually a very nice, sweet, and caring girl.  Nevertheless these things happen for a reason and I want to be like you one day to share my experience and assist others in this unique situation.

With the assistance of my lawyer and definite proof of good behavior, we anticipate for the charges to be lowered to a misdemeanor charge, fees/fines paid for asap, and records to be sealed in 2 years.  I am reaching out to my network of resources in both private practice and small businesses.  There are things I can do to generate income but I want to still have my foot in the health field for my work record.  If it were not for your information regarding the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Federal Bonding Program, I would not have the reassurance I have at this moment sitting at the library typing to you.  

I am going to get my hands on your book also to have as an additional resource.  If I ever get the opportunity to meet you Sir in person then I will thank you but as for now you are a beacon of light in my tunnel.  

I hope you and your family are well Sir. 



 Lady Felon has Hope for Medical Career


Hello Michelle,

Thank you for your kind words.  I tell every ex-offender I meet who is looking for a job is to put a plan together and follow through with it.  Work the plan and never give up.  

Everyone may not have the resources to hire a lawyer, but there are places to go for help.  Your local legal aid office is a good place to get low-cost or even free legal advice regarding the possible downgrading of their charges or expungement if available.  The thing about expungement is, even if it is granted, your record will always be available to law enforcement, government agencies and the court system.  

As I advise any felon looking for a medical career.  Please check with the medical board in your state to see if your conviction will keep you from being licensed or certified.  

Probation and parole officers often have information about serviced available in your area that could offer assistance to ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs.  

Having a criminal record is not the end of the world.  It may make getting hired a bit more difficult but with a plan and hard work, you can overcome a bad situation.  Felons and ex-offenders a get jobs everyday so don't give up!

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 Lady Felon has Hope for Medical Career

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   Lady Felon has Hope for Medical Career

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