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Friday, February 11, 2022

Skilled felon is looking for jobs

 Skilled felon is looking for jobs

Skilled felon is looking for jobs
My son is 29 yrs old and has two theft felonies in his background. But thanks to a good woman and two wonderful sons age 7 and 4 he has turned his life around. For 2 1/2 yrs he has gone to the methadone clinic, no longer hangs with any of the drug friends, went to Kaplan college and got his electrical technician certificate, has 6 years experience   framing/roofing/plumbing/remodeling/tree trimming but just can't find work that lasts for more than a few days at a time. All he wants is a chance to earn enough money to feed his children and pay his electric bill. We have put out applications everywhere but the minute he is truthful and tells the employer of his criminal record (which is has a written copy he can show them) they just treat him like he is dirt.

Where can we turn? He is a hard worker.


 Skilled felon is looking for jobs

Hello Nancy,

Your son is ahead of most ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs. Even though things might seem tough, people with criminal record might have to thing outside-the-box when it comes to looking for work. He has skills in electrical work and carpentry. He could start a home handyman business the he can can use to build a good income. If he is willing to put in a little work, he could turn odd jobs into a full time home handyman business. You'd be amazed how many people can't put in a light switch or fix a leaky faucet. You could offer to do small jobs at a fraction of what big time contractors charge while guaranteeing quality work.

Skilled felon is looking for jobsStarting his own business will be a lot of work. He would have to be prepared to work long hours finding customers and promoting his business. The least costly way to start is to print up flyers with tear off tags, and post them on community bulletin boards. Post them in grocery stores, laundry rooms, community recreation centers, bus stops, and churches. Highlight the quality of his service and his dependability. He should always include phone number tear off tags on the flyer, so interested people can just take one phone number.

Another interesting option is to make a list of local contractors and offer to himself out as a day laborer. There are probably quite a few contractors in your area looking for day laborers as a way to keep their own costs down. He could get a list of contractors that have recently been issued building permits at your local municipal building. This is public record so he should have no trouble getting that information.

Still another option is to find landlord with multiple rental properties. Landlords need dependable people to keep the properties up and do repairs that tenants need done.  If he finds one with enough rentals, it could be a full time job that would pay well.  One great way to find a long list of property owners is contacting your local office of Housing and Urban Development.  HUD pays subsidies to landlords on behalf of tenants.  In order to get payments, the properties must meet HUD standards and are inspected frequently. 

If his dream is finding regular employment, he shouldn't give up and he could earn a living in the meantime.

I hope this helps.

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