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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Sex Offender needs a Job

Sex offender needs help finding a job

Sex offender jobs
I am a sex offender that even during this crime I never hurt anybody. It was just pictures on the internet. I have been looking for a job for 2 years now and only have been able to find some very very part-time seasonal job. That only gives me enough to pay for my prescriptions and transportation. How can I get a half way decent job.



A: Hello Daniel,

A convicted sex offender has a difficult time getting hired. I suggest contacting your parole or probation officer. Often they have knowledge of employers who have hired offenders.

Sex Offender
I suggest also contacting your local United Way. The United Way support social agencies that provide services to ex-offenders and felons. Goodwill Industries has a proven record of hiring ex-offenders and felons as well as providing other services . You can get more information here:

Another solution is to apply for temporary employment. Many employers are in need of temporary help. Often temporary employees are hired permanently. Smaller independent agencies are a better choice than larger, nationally known ones. Independent agencies are free to hire anyone they choose and are more likely to hire felons and ex-offenders. Larger agencies often have to comply with the policies of the parent company.

One tactic that I often suggest sex offenders to use is to apply to smaller companies.  Smaller companies are less likely to use background expensive background checks.  On the application, leave the space where the criminal background question blank.  It is a chance the employer may not notice it.  If he does, be prepared to briefly talk about your conviction.

Sex offender jobs may be difficult to find but a little hard work will pay off.

I hope this helps

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Sex Offender

Sex offender needs job search advice | Now you can have a Masters in Criminal Justice
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