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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Job Opportunities for Felons

Job Opportunities for Felons 


Job Opportunities for Felons

Giving Building Materials and Ex-Inmates

a Second Chance in Baltimore


I was able to read your website, and I am interested in your philosophy. I am a 28 year old felon in Alabama. My crime was credit card fraud and ID theft. Since it was my first conviction, I was granted 1 year parole with court costs. Even though the punishment is light, I am unable to find a job to help pay off the dues and support my family.

I have learned of the Federal Bonding Program, but it doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. I have been on many interviews where I have put the crimes on the application, but they insist on running a background check, which of course comes up with the convictions. Then they say that I cannot be hired, even though it was on the application before you ran the social security number through. 

I keep trying somehow, someway everyday; and, I am not picky about jobs. I apply for general labor positions as well as a way to get on my feet. I apply with resumes and cover letters. Is there something else I am missing? Any advice would be welcome.



Job Opportunities for Felons

Hello Jay,

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. Finding a job unfortunately is not an exact science. Finding a job with a criminal record is even tougher.

I suggest to all ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs to tell everyone they know that are looking for employment. Many people got their job leads from people they know. This is called networking. Networking is the most effective method of finding employment leads. Most jobs are never advertised because they are usually filled by personal contacts. In fact, employers would rather hire someone referred to them by people they know rather than to painfully sort through resumes and applications. How many people do you know? Each one of them could potentially help a felon get a job.

• Friends
• Relatives
• Neighbors
• Parole/probation officers
• Members of your religious group (especially ministers, priests, imams, etc.)
• Former teachers
• Former co- workers
• Former employers
• Classmates
• Casual acquaintances
• People you do business with (Hairstylists, barbers, doctors)

Look at the list above. In each group, list five people that you can contact. That is at least 55
people that could help you in your job search. Let each person know that you are looking for a job
and that any information they have for you would be helpful. Have copies of your resume handy
for your contacts to give to other people.

Another suggestion is to locate your local Goodwill. Goodwill hires ex-offenders and ex felons everyday giving them an opportunity to re-enter society.

I suggest to all felons looking for jobs to visit their local One-stop Career Center.  At the center you will find services than can help you find a job including resume preparation, interviewing skills and lists of available jobs in your area.  The center has counselors that provide one-on-one  assistance to get you on your way.  The counselors can also put you in contact with resources that could help you with your growing family.

You can find the center nearest to you at the link below

Jobs for Felons: One-stop Career Centers can help ex-offenders and felons get jobs

Jobs for felons: Where Ex-offenders and Felons can find Jobs

Jobs for felons: Ex-offenders and felons can use the Federal Bonding Program to get jobs

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Job Opportunities for Felons

Job Opportunities for Felons

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