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Saturday, June 7, 2014

An Educated Felon needs a Job

An Educated Felon needs a Job


An Educated Felon needs a JobIn response to your postings regarding 'help for felons pursuing employment,' questions emerge regarding my status. I appreciate any information you can supply. All of my convictions are ‘drug or controlled substances' felonies but none are for 'Sale of.' Briefly, I spent a year incarcerated by Ohio at their Mansfield Reformatory and Lebanon Correctional Institute. Upon release, I remained clean and sober for eight years. A relapse lasted for over a year and netted me two low-level felonies for which I spent three months in the county jail in northern Kentucky. Over twenty years passed before I committed two felonies of the lowest order i.e., intent to posses and possession of paraphernalia. Adjudication resulted in one-year probation, which ended six years ago. Currently, I am 58 years old and receiving a modest disability payment for an incurable disease. However, I am feeling better and my physicians informed me a cure becomes available in one or two years at the latest. I do want to work or operate my own business. I earned a BA. In 1984 and completed over 60 hours of graduate work before two family deaths sent me into a deep, clinical depression. Some people refer to this educational situation as an ABD (all but dissertation). I did my graduate work at the University of Cincinnati and the Union Graduate School in professional psychology, while working as the administrator of an out patient drug, alcohol, and mental health department of a large health care system in Cincinnati. In 1991 -1992, I worked in a private practice as a Psychology Resident according to provisions of the Ohio State Psychology Board.

Apparently, background checks are performed routinely now and I am concerned about my criminal background even though it is all non-violent and drug related. I am considering returning to university studies to gain an entry into a new line of work or self-employment. Can you provide me with any assistance? Currently, the depression in almost overwhelming when I see how I allowed my life to be ruined by addiction. I know I am capable - I am a member of the American Mensa High IQ Society and earned many academic awards and honors during my life. I come from a successful family with a father who was a chemical engineer and my mother is a retired schoolteacher. I have one daughter from four marriages and two wonderful grandchildren; one of whom is a rising film star. I want to work and I need to work. I feel like it just isn't worth it all at times. This is why I write to you and feel a guarded new sense of hope.

An Educated Felon needs a Job

That is quite a background. Self-employment is always an option for ex-offenders and felons having difficulty finding jobs. You may get some guidance from and organization called S.C.O.R.E (Service Corps of Retired Executives.) They offer free business advice to entrepreneurs. you can get more information here:

With your background, you may also want to contact your local United Way. The United Way supports a number of non-profit social service organizations that may be able to use someone with your extensive qualifications as well as agencies that help ex-offenders and felons.

I hope this helps.

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 Jobs for Ex-offenders and Felons: Start a Business or Get a Job?

An Educated Felon needs a Job

An Educated Felon needs a Job

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