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Monday, September 26, 2016

Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job

Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job

How to Get a Job With a DUI Record

Three years ago, I was arrested for a DWI with child under 15. It was a difficult case because there was a lot of circumstances surrounding the case. Gastric bypass, anxiety meds consumed, etc. Anyhow, DA pursued prosecution but found a loophole for Deferred for me on this felony. Just in time before legislation closed. Three months before they did actually. Anyhow, I served my two years probation and it ended without incident. I was able to find a great job while on Deferred but only because I knew the person. I had to quit my job due to personality conflict and now I cannot find work anywhere. It is already embarrassing enough to have this charge on my record being a mother, a college student, a respected individual. But now I can’t seem to find work. I’ve applied everywhere and most places tell me I’m overqualified. I can’t get it non-disclosed because it’s an enhanced form of child endangerment. That’s what SOME lawyers say. SOME lawyers say I can. NO lawyer has EVER had a case like this so they don’t know how it would go down. Afraid to waste my money over and over again while lawyers make mistakes trying to figure it out.
I tell the truth on application with the first line stating DEFERRED ADJUDICATION: FINAL FINDING- NO CONVICTION

Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job
And then I input the details it asks to explain.  Why IS it so hard to find work for a woman with a DWI? Especially a felony? If it was a man, they would just shrug it off like no big deal and hire them up and shake hands and head out to the bar for a drink. It’s such a double standard. I’m a good person. I work hard. I’m dedicated to what I do. I made a mistake. Even the justice system saw that there was circumstances surrounding what happened and gave me a break. They could have thrown the book at me, but didn’t. Why won’t employers cut me some slack.

Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job


Perhaps you are disclosing too much information and scaring employers away with your explanation. I encourage all ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs to only disclose what is more!
Felon Job
For each application you complete, pay careful attention to the wording. Most applications ask about convictions and not arrests. In reference to your deferred adjudication, you must consider the conditions of your deferment. In most cases, when the conditions are fulfilled (usually a fine and probation,) the original charges are dismissed but they remain as charges not convictions. Anyone accessing your record (other than law enforcement, the court system, and government agencies) will only see the charges. For more clarification, contact the prosecutor in your case.

I hope this helps.

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Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job

Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job

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Felon with deferred DWI needs a Job

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