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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Felon Mom having a Rough Job Search

 Felon Mom having a Rough Job Search

Felon Mom having a Rough Job SearchI was looking through the newspaper trying to find something, anything  to support my family. Fifteen years ago I was convicted of a felony. I was twenty years old never been in trouble before and have never been in trouble since then. I didn't spend time in jail but I did do five years probation and was discharged. Now here I am 35 years old no job, no future and a family that is struggling because I can't help. I can’t even get hired at fast food places. I had a great job working for the State through a temporary agency but it was great. I was about to be hired and they did a background check on me. The agency knew about my record and still hired me, but after my background came back I was fired on the spot. Forget that I had been there for 2 years everyday and worked very hard for them. Companies have the chance to hire good workers but they pass us by everyday. Every one makes mistakes, but there are many like me who want to work, and support their families but can't get a break anywhere. My husband works every day and he works very hard to take care of us. I am very proud of him, but he will never understand how I feel. I have been out oft work for over a year now and I am getting depressed. There are things I want for my family and myself but getting a job is the first step. My husband works but his paycheck is not enough to pay all of our bills. We ave a small son and we feel bad because there isn't money for birthday or Christmas gifts or anything that make kids happy.  I had all of those things  I have never begged for a hand out, all I want is a little break so my family won't be so stressed. The stress alone is killing my marriage! My family does not deserve to live like this all because of something I did in my past.  My family deserves better than this.  

The world looks at us like once a criminal always a criminal and that's not always the case.  It makes drives me crazy when I see people living off the government.  You got women that keep having babies just to collect more welfare and free government housing.  I have been on the waiting list for for housing for ten years and I have heard nothing!  I see illegal immigrants coming over here that open restaurants, hotels, stores and then you got the ones that come over here and collect welfare for years. Where is the justice when people who were born here can't get anything? My family is forced to live in run down apartments in because we can not afford anything better. We are forced to deal with awful landlords that don’t fix anything but still want their rent  or throw you out.

My hopes of opening up my own business are slowly fading away.  My husband tries to encourage me not to give up but after the year we have had I know it will never happen for me and I promise if it does I won't keep them from a job because of something they did in the past. People can change and I am living proof! I don’t want to think that this is the life God has in store for me but I am starting to wonder, am I going to live the rest of my life like this?

This is Haley

Felon Mom having a Rough Job Search 


Hello Haley,

Felon Mom having a Rough Job SearchI'm sorry you are having so much trouble in your job search. I also see that the stress is taking it's toll on you.  Because of this, finding a job may not be the only situation you are dealing with.  My suggestion is to
contact your local Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army could put you in touch with some social services that could lend some immediate help to your family.
Felon Mom having a Rough Job Search
Next you  should contact your local United Way office.  The United Way provides support for a number of agencies.  Perhaps they would
have knowledge of advocacy groups that specialize in assisting felons or women. They could help you with some things until you can find work.

You mentioned that you worked for a temp service for two years.  Perhaps that route could help you again.  You can also try your local One-stop Career Center.  You will find a variety of free services that can help you get a job.  You can also find lists of open jobs in your area.  You may be eligible for job search related benefits such as child care and transportation passes.

You can find your local One-stop here:

There are more companies willing to give qualified people with criminal records opportunities to get hired.  Ex-offenders and felons will find that having a criminal record will not automatically disqualify them from jobs.  Click the image below get a huge list of companies that hire felons.

Felon Mom having a Rough Job Search

I hope this helps.

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Felon Mom having a Rough Job Search

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