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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job

Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job

Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job
In 2004 I committed a Felony 4 Theft . I was convicted but no jail time, I was placed on probation which I have completed. In 2006, I was given another Felony for Unemployment Fraud again no jail time and amount paid back before court hearing. These two Felonies were huge mistakes in my life and very humiliating for me everyday of my life. I went from a $70,000 a year job in Dayton, Ohio with great benefits to a $40,000 a year job with little to no benefits and currently unemployed.

Through these past seven years I have lost my family of two wonderful children and a great wife who has been by my side through all of this humiliation. I lost my home and my dignity We all live from my mistakes and I keep trying to get back into the career I am very good at but can not get past the background checks that many companies require before they hire a person. Twice, I made it all the way to actually going to the new work place and working over 5 hours before the HR department came down with a delayed background report and the bad news that I can not work for this company due to background convictions.

I am so tired of having to live each day in humiliation, not being able to provide for my family and have a place to call my own home. I have learned many things these past seven years and have seen how less forfeit people survive on little to no income. I have an education and so many technical skills and can get hundreds of jobs at or around $80,000 a year and could provide for myself and my family and their futures for college and retirement. but I get shutdown with one question, “have you ever been convicted of a felony”.

I am asking you to please help me in any way you can to be able to get these two mistakes off my background. I am sincerely sorry for all my mistakes.

Please, any advice would be helpful. I am losing hope and faith!

Thank You,


 Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job

Hello G.S.,

Finding a job with a criminal record often isn't easy. Ex-offenders and felons stand a better chance at getting hired by applying at smaller businesses. Smaller businesses are less apt to spend money on expensive background checks. One out-of-the-box suggestion I have is, if the the application on paper, leave the question that relates to having a criminal record blank. It is often overlooked by being left blank and you won’t have to address the question at all. If it is noticed, and you are questioned, always answer truthfully. Hopefully you will get an interview where the employer will get a chance to meet the person behind the application and you can sell yourself.

Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job
I often suggest to ex-offenders and felons looking for employment is to apply for temporary employment. There are clerical or other jobs that would put you in an office environment. There was a time that going to a temporary agency was the last resort for many job seekers, but for ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs, it is a good place to begin a new career.  In the past five years, the demand for temporary employees has risen over 30%.  In these tough economic times, companies are searching for ways to keep their labor costs down so they can remain competitive.  More and more employers are utilizing temporary staffing agencies as a way to cost effectively fill vacancies.  Not only do companies save money by using temporary labor, they get an opportunity to try out new workers before hiring them on a full time basis.  Another interesting trend is the length of assignments.  It is not uncommon for an assignment to last up to six months, so a temporary assignment may not be so temporary.  Often companies end up hiring their temporary help if they prove to be good employees.  You may also pick up some new skills and even make new business contacts that may be valuable later.

There is a twist for ex-offenders and felons when it comes to applying for temporary assignments. They should apply at smaller independent temporary employment agencies. Independent agencies don't have to deal with restrictions larger agencies may have placed on them by their parent companies as they relate to hiring ex-offenders and felons. They are free to hire anyone they choose. You can find listing in your local telephone directory and make appointments for interviews and prepare yourself accordingly. Be professional and dress as if it's a 'real' interview, because it is.  You will be employed by the staffing agency and they will send you to assignments.  Make sure you have an up-to-date resume and work on your interviewing skills. While agencies unquestionably will look at your work history and skills to determine a proper fit, the interview is the key to getting a good placement.  The person conducting the interview is usually the same person who will decide what assignment you'll be offered. Your aim should always be to make a good first impression. Do not talk about your criminal history until you are directly asked about it.  If you are asked, be honest but brief.

Even if the assignment you get isn't in your field, hey, a bucks a buck and it will help tide you over until better opportunities present themselves.

Best of luck to you.

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Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job

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Felon with Many Skills Needs a Job

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