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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Information to Help Felons get Jobs

Information to Help Felons get Jobs

Can ex-felons get local jobs

Hello Mr. Mayo,

I work with felons in a job center in Ohio and I see what they go through everyday trying to find jobs. I have been to your website and I find it appalling that you want to profit from felons by selling them a book that they need.  You say that you want to help felons but it looks like you are helping yourself.

You should be giving your book away.


Information to Help Felons get Jobs

Hello Debbie,

I'm sorry you feel that I'm taking advantage of felons. You believe that I should be giving my book away.  You say that you help felons at a job center.  Do you do it for nothing?  You look for your check on Friday don't you?

Most of the people who purchase my book are not felons, but family or friends who want to help them.  Some them believe that the information in my book might benefit them more than buying them a pack of cigarettes or a drink.  I know that there are people that want to help a friend or a family member that may not have the $17.95 that we are asking for the softcover book, so we offer an ebook at a price that almost anyone can afford.  This ebook can be read on any device and is completely printable. You can check it out here: From Jail to a Job

If you were on my website. you were probably looking for information.  I also have two blogs that I have answered hundreds of questions from ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs.  You can find those blogs here:

How Felons Can Get Jobs

Real Answers for Ex-offenders and Felons Looking for Jobs

That's two blogs with tons of free information to help felons get jobs.  Who knows you may even learn some things from my blogs that you can use to help your clients.

Best of luck to you and your clients Debbie!

Information to Help Felons get Jobs

Information to Help Felons get Jobs

Information to Help Felons get Jobs

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Eric Mayo

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Will moving to another state help a felon get a job?

Will moving to another state help a felon get a job?

Will moving to another state help a felon get a job?
Hello Mr. Mayo,

Thank you for this blog.  I live in San Francisco, California.  I have multiple convictions for a few things.  I was talking to someone here and they told me that because I have a record in California, I should move to another state.  My record will not show up in another state.  I have relatives in Illinois.  Will moving to Illinois help me get a job?


Will moving to another state help a felon get a job?

Hello Karl,

I am glad you are seeking another opinion and not relying on information from that person.  Totally false!  Your record will follow you wherever you go.  In this age of computers and extensive data banks,  you can find out just about anything on anyone.  There are companies that exist just to sell information to anyone who will pay for it.

Will moving to another state help a felon get a job? A history of criminal record would include an individual's personal identifiers (descriptive information and fingerprints), arrests and subsequent dispositions (final outcome of a charge.)  Dispositions are posted to the
National Criminal History Record File by the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division. Not only convictions but each criminal arrest for which the CJIS Division has a fingerprint submission would be on file.  So you see, your record is fairly easy to get.

There are organizations in your area that can help an ex-offender or felon looking for jobs.

Arriba Juntos

 Arriba Juntos, a community-based organization in San Francisco. This organization has an employment program for ex-offenders and felons.  They even offer , direct job placement for clients who have job skills. Also available in career training in computer technology, including MS Office Suite, and certified nursing assistance with the ability to obtain California licensing. The center will assist clients in obtaining licensing from the State of California. In cooperation with the San Francisco Municipal Railway they offer a driver training course. Clients may obtain their Commercial Driving License and consideration for employment with MUNI as bus drivers. These training programs include a Life Skills component, job interview techniques and resume writing in addition to daily survival skills. There may be paid on job training program that is used as an incentive to employers to hire felons and ex-offenders.

You can contact them at the address below:

1850 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-863-9314 fax

Private Industry Council of San Francisco (PIC)

Private Industry Council of San Francisco (PIC) is a non-profit organization that provides employment, training and research services to employers and job seekers in San Francisco. PIC is a public/private collaboration for workforce development. PIC contracts with over 60 community- based organizations to provide training and employment services. They may have contacts to employers who hire ex-offenders and felons who need jobs

You can contact them at the address below:

1650 Mission Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-431-8702 fax
Web Site:

Also take a look at the video below.  There are other options for finding jobs in your area.

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Will moving to another state help a felon get a job?

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jobs for Ex-offenders: Lady Ex-offender Needs Job Search Help

 Jobs for Ex-offenders:  Lady Ex-offender Needs Job Search Help

Hello. I was looking online and came across your page. I'm a black female age 34. Two years ago I was 8 months pregnant and the father of my child decided to beat me up right in his front doorway. To get away I broke the living room window right next to his doorway and got away as quick as I could. He called the police I assume because he knew if I beat him to it it would fall on him. I wasn't arrested but had to go back and fourth to court and the stress was causing issues with my pregnancy because I was due to have my daughter. My lawyer told me my options. He said if I wanted to get it over with I could plea guilty and just get a misdemeanor which wouldn't affect me going back to work.  Evidently it has because I'm emailing you. I'm getting turned down left and right because I have a misdemeanor in criminal mischief 4th degree. I have been working since I was 13 and not being able to find a job is taking a toll on me. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.



 Jobs for Ex-offenders:  Lady Ex-offender Needs Job Search Help

Hello Roxie,

Not to diminish how you feel, but there are ex-offenders and felons being hired everyday with far worse convictions than yours.  Your lack of success may be more attributed to your approach than your conviction.

Many ex-offenders and felons do not get interviews because they make mistakes on applications.  Your first contact with an employer may be filling out an application.  Employers use applications to decide who to interview and who not to interview. 

Ex-offenders and felons often have a dilemma. "Do I tell the truth and risk not getting an interview?" "Do I lie and hope that no one finds out?" I advise my students to always be honest.  If you are dishonest about having a criminal record, you risk having the truth exposed later.  You may get a job only to lose it after the

employer finds out the truth through a background check or some other means.  You will be fired for being dishonest and falsifying your application not because you have a criminal record.

To give yourself the best chance of getting an interview, you must understand how applications work.  Here are tips to completing an application that will get you an interview.

Follow directions.  Always read the entire application before you begin.  If there is anything you do not understand, ask for an explanation.

Be neat.  Print very clearly using blue or black ink only.  If you don't print well, ask if you may take the application home and bring it back.  Get someone who has neat handwriting to help you.  Always ask for an extra application just in case something goes wrong.  Never, never, never use white out on an application.  Using White out will nullify some applications.  To be on the safe side use an erasable pen.  Never crumple or fold the application.

Answer all questions.  If there are questions that do not apply to you, use the notation “N/A” meaning “not applicable.”  This will let the employer know that you did not overlook the question.  It just did not apply to you.  Completeness counts.  If you have a resume, attach it to the application.  Do not attempt to use the resume in place of a completed application.

Be honest.  Providing false information may be grounds for dismissal later.


Use your legal name.  No nicknames or aliases. 

Social Security Number

If you don't know your social security number, or don’t have the physical card, go to your local Social Security Administration office.  It is listed in the blue pages of your local telephone directory.  You will definitely need this card when you get a job offer.


Use your current address.  Some applications ask for a previous address.  If you do not have a permanent address, ask to use an address of a friend or relative.

Telephone Number

The employer must have a quick and easy way of getting in touch with you.  You must have a telephone number on the application.  If you do not have access to a telephone, I suggest you make arrangements with someone to take messages for you.  Some applications have a space for a message number.  If you find one that does not, simply place the letter “M” before the telephone number.  Ex. M (555) 555-5555.  This will make it clear that the number is for messages.  If you use a cell number, be sure to have a professional sounding message.

How Did You Hear About Our Company?

The employer may want to know how you found out about the company or the opening.  Typical responses are:

Newspaper Ad

Referred by someone (give the person’s name.)


Position Applied For

Be precise about the position you are applying for.  Have a particular job in mind when you apply.  If you are uncertain, contact the company to ask  exactly which positions are available.

Date You Can Start

Never answer “immediately” or “ASAP.”  If you are available today, use today’s date or a date that you will be available.

Salary Desired

I encourage my students to never list a dollar figure.  Never talk about pay or benefits until someone offers you a job.  You may use a figure that is too high and may not be considered because you are asking for more than the position pays.  You may use a figure that is too low and undervalue yourself.  To be safe, use the term “negotiable.”  This means that you will discuss salary when an offer is made.


Starting with your most recent training, list any courses, workshops, seminars, or employment training.

General Information/Special Skills

List any special skills you have that will be of use to an employer. 

Work History

List your past jobs in order beginning with the most recent and work you way backward.  Use the month and year that the job began for you, and the month and year the job ended for you.  If you are unsure of employers and dates, you can contact your local Social Security Administration office.  If your past jobs were on the record, the Social Security Administration should have this information.  You will also need the former employer’s address, telephone number, and supervisor’s name.  Often the application will ask for the name of the position and your pay rate for each job. 

The application will also ask for you to describe your duties, and reason for leaving.  Accepted reasons for leaving are:

Left for better position




Business closed

Seasonal position

Temporary position

Never use the words “fired” or “terminated” if you left a job unfavorably.  “Released,” “involuntary separation,” or “contract ended,”  sound a whole lot better.


Employment applications often will ask for references.  Check out this link to an article about References:

Good References help Ex-offenders and Felons get Jobs

Service Record

If you have military experience, list the branch of service, date, and rank of discharge.

Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?

This question is the worst part of any ex-offender’s job hunt.  I have spoken to people who have taken classes that have instructed them to use the response “Will discuss at interview.”  In my opinion, this is not a good thing to do.  The best advice I can give is BE HONEST!  Employers have a responsibility to know as much as possible about potential employees.

Many applications have a Certification/Release Statement that the applicant must sign before the application is accepted.  You'll recognize it as a long paragraph in small print at the end of the application directly above the space for your signature. Read it carefully before you sign. This statement may also be called an Authorization.  The wording may vary but the employer is asking you to certify with your signature that all of the information you have given is correct.  The answer “Will discuss at interview,” does not answer the question.  Another part of this certification is a release that gives the employer access to information provided by past employers, law enforcement agencies, schools and other organizations that may have information about you.

In reference to criminal records, it is necessary to list all relative information.  Include the name of the conviction, date, location, and the disposition (time served, fine and/or probation.) 


Criminal Mischief 4th degree.    6/19/2011    Seattle, WA     Probation Served (6 mos.)

You may have to practice to fit your response into the space given. 

I hope information is helpful.  Best of luck! 

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Eric Mayo

Jobs for Ex-offenders: Lady Ex-offender Needs Job Search Help

Jobs for Ex-offenders:  Lady Ex-offender Needs Job Search Help


Jobs for Ex-offenders:  Lady Ex-offender Needs Job Search Help

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?
I have a felony for cashing fake checks, I was not the one making them, I had cashed them and now I have these felonies on my record, I have been trying to hard to get a job, but once they pull my record I can never get it. I am a changed person but I cannot get a job.

Please help me.

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

Well, let's see.  You have multiple felonies for cashing bad checks.  Convictions involving any kind of theft or robbery can be quite a challenge when looking for jobs.  You can pretty much rule out any type of employment involving cash, merchandise or other valuables. I encourage my students to always be honest when applying for jobs but often when employers see convictions for theft or other crimes involving integrity on applications, they are reluctant to hire them.  Even if the applicant checks "no" to the "Have you ever been convicted....." question, they risk being fired later when background checks are done.  So what are felons with these times of convictions do?  My suggestions is to apply to smaller, family owned businesses.  These smaller businesses rarely spend money on background checks because they cost so much.  Another thing that is common is they tend to use standard applications that are purchased at stationery stores.  These are very generic applications.  When you get to the dreaded question, simply leave it blank.  There is a good chance that the business owner will overlook it.  This will allow you to a least get an interview where you can sell the employer on your attitude and skills.  If the question about having a criminal record does come up, your response can be something like this,  "I'm glad you're asking this because I want you to feel comfortable about hiring me......."  Then you briefly talk about your conviction but spend more time talking about the changes you have made and what you have done to make yourself a better person since making some bad choices.  These may not be the best jobs in the world, but they will give you the opportunity to build a work history, makes some contacts and maybe even some references that will pay off when you apply for better jobs later.

The thing that you will have to understand is that finding jobs for ex-offenders and felons is a numbers game.  The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you will get.  You get more interviews and you will have more opportunities to get hired.

Be sure you have all the tools you will need to to make a good impression.  Get a good resume, great interview clothes and practice those interview skills.  Put yourself in the best possible position to make a good impression.

Eric Mayo

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How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

Are you an ex-offender or felon who has a question about finding a job with a criminal record?  I have been helping ex-offenders and felons get jobs for over ten years and I feel I have an understanding of what works. I update this blog often. I will answer specific questions relating to getting a job with a criminal record on this blog so feel free to send me your questions. You could have your question answered right here. Email your question to:

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

How can I get a Job with my Felonies?

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts

 Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts

 Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts
Hi Mr. Mayo,

My fiance is up for parole in March 2014.  His family and I are trying to find job leads and scholarship programs that will help him once he is released. He has good behavior in prison and has held a job in the prison kitchen. All this will look good to the parole board.  He is an excellent artist and wants to be a graphic artist and also learn computer animation.

He was convicted of robbery and possession of a weapon while committing a felony.  He was 18 at the time and has done six years if a 12 year sentence.  He has an excellent chance of parole if can prove he has some type of direction and goals.  What I want to know is, where can he get an education in graphics that he wants and can he get any type of scholarships or grants to do what he wants to do?  How can he do this?  What does he have to do?  I know that if he can get paroled, he will prove that he is not that same person that committed that crime when he was a kid.

Please help,


Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts

Hello Katy,

 Felon wants a Career in Graphic ArtsYour fiance seems to have a good support system that he will need when he is paroled.  As far a him pursuing a career in graphics, I suggest first contacting your local community college.  Community colleges are not just for degrees anymore.  Many community colleges these days offer career training for growing

Speak to the financial aid office at whatever college you look into.  They will be able to tell you which financial aid programs if any, your fiance may qualify for and how to apply.  It is in their best interest to give you good information.  If your local college does not offer the courses he is looking for, they will tell you who does.

Best of luck to you both.

Eric Mayo

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 Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts

 Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts

Felon wants a Career in Graphic Arts

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Friday, October 17, 2014

No Jobs for a Veteran who is a Felon

 No Jobs for a Veteran who is a Felon

No Jobs for a Veteran who is a Felon
I used to think being a veteran meant something. I used to think it stood for something concrete and was valued by our country. Like a sentry standing guard, all hours of the night, ready and waiting to defend at any moment. I was ready and willing to do my part in whatever my state or country asked of me during my eleven year service time. I value that feeling deep inside and recognize it as something positive and tangible to hold on to. However, two and a half years later, I cold-heartedly am bitter and frustrated. Bitter that it means nothing to anyone else. At least not in the ways where it actually benefits me. You know what does matter? The one and only time I was ever caught in the web of the legal system. That web chewed me up and spit me out, not as a honorable veteran, but as a shamed former soldier now turned convicted felon. How did I go from the top Washington Army National Guard Recruiter in 2011, excellent PT and review ratings to, ostracized and vanquished to the badlands of our culture and society?  That has a very simple answer. Assault of child in the 3rd degree, AKA a Class C Felony! I unfortunately allowed myself to sink extremely low during my final year as a recruiter and in the Army. I sunk so low, masking all of it in depression meds and alcohol, I spanked a one year child to a point where I left a terrible bruise on their bottom. Assault of a child in the 3rd, is what now defines all of me.

You probably won't believe this, as I've read in a few of your articles about this specific topic. Companies can and ALWAYS do discriminate against any and all criminal convictions. You personally said that companies won't hire you based solely on your criminal past. Maybe you were referring to lesser charges or convictions. I call foul on you here Eric, as that, at least in my latest experience is absolutely false. Starting with two years ago, shortly after I was released from jail(I had a two month sentence, no prison) I applied for position at a large, well-known electronics company. I was offered an interview and found out three people were interviewing for the same position. Two internal employees and myself. I nailed the interview. I was sincere and honest. I had all the tools and command they were looking for. So much so, they wasted no time in offering me the position. This was a managerial position which equated to around $60k a year. Naturally, I was excited and full of elation as I thought to myself "Ok, you messed up, you've payed your debts back to society and the legal system. You're getting another chance here. Thank you." I had a brand new wife and a baby on the way. The chaos and shame that fell upon me the prior six months was slowly lifting. I had been offered a great job and felt proud I had made it through all I had, with the ability to support my young family. This was very short lived and what later came to be called the "let down" over the next two years, began. Of course they ran a background check and of course I was honest with them every step of the way. Once my background came back, the offer was rescinded and I was kicked to the curb as a rotten piece of trash. Fast forward to the last five months. I've applied to roughly a hundred open positions. Some employers ask right away about your criminal history, some don't. Each and every one that did not ask up front, gave me an interview. All but one offered me a job with them. This was roughly 15 to 20 employers. Each and every single one of them ran a background. Each and every single of them rescinded their offer to me.

I am no longer labeled a vet, I am labeled as a down-trodden felon. If you were to look at my life prior to my conviction, there is no criminal history. The same applies to my post-conviction life. Crime and all its inhabitants weren't apart of my life prior and have no understanding of how to operate within the criminal world.

My question to you, what in the world do I do? I have enough moxie and resolve to keep fighting, but I quiver with giving up sometimes. I served just over eleven years in the army. Held a top secret clearance working with automation and radio communication security equipment. I was trusted in many ways through the automation work I did, to the recruiting for four years I did. I've been a crew lead of a large sport fishing boat company. Achieved great success in any arena I venture into. However, my anger and disgust towards all employers has increased dramatically.  My skills do not matter, my education does not matter, my personality and what I obtained while serving in the army does not matter. I am currently a Junior, trying to earn my computer science degree in college. Every avenue, regardless of education or experience seems to suddenly and violently throw up a triple reinforced concrete wall, whenever I approach.

No Jobs for a Veteran who is a FelonI look appetizing and employers have argued over stealing me from the other. However, I can only imagine their frustration and disgust when I hear or read the all to common words, "We are sorry, due to issues we found within your background we are rescinding our offer of employment and cannot hire you at this time." Awww what a disappointment I become. Does anyone see the vicious cycle here?

My frustration mounts as I look at two things. One, our judicial system. I had a debt to our judicial system. Jail, probation, counseling, fine, ect. I paid back that debt. I took responsibility for my actions and worked extremely hard to have many rights of mine which were initially taken away from me, restored by the Superior court system. Two, I would take the justice system penalty over our social culture penalty any day. Society has punished me much harsher than our legal system ever could. Jail was awful yes, but I also wasn't worried about a job, bills, food, place to sleep or bathroom use. Society has cast me out like Mad Max. I cannot rent an apt, vote, own a weapon, volunteer, and I certainly am not worthy or capable of obtaining a job.

Eric, I've been following you for a few months now. I want to thank you for your never-ending support. I've been extremely reluctant to reach out to you and write. Had a bit a bad news today and felt compelled to at least say something to you. Forgive my ranting, all of that has been squashed under a ton of "put on a happy face for the world and myself" for quite sometime. My quest for employment certainly will not end, but I ask of you, opportunities! Opportunities to help, volunteer, assist others who may be going through a similar situation. I have little to offer other than my desire to remain positive, contrary to what you've read here, I have to remain neutral and upbeat, otherwise walking a path straight to prison I will go. My desire to better my life and most importantly, I have deep desire to help other people with criminal histories. I am one of those who seeks a way over, under, around or through those perviable concrete walls. I've yet to reach the top of the mountain, but I managed to navigate some emotional and physically taxing switchbacks along the way. If you have any advice or avenues to take, I am ready and willing to listen and execute.

Very Respectfully,

 No Jobs for a Veteran who is a Felon


Thank you for reaching out and thank you for reading my blog.  I get many letters and emails from veterans who happen to be ex-offenders or felons looking for jobs.  Many feel abandoned by the country they were willing to dire for.  I was at a symposium on the plight of the veteran in America, and I was surprised that so many were having the same problem.  

Regarding your personal situation, your conviction seems to be the stumbling block.  One thing that everyone must understand is that companies don't hire people - people hire people.  People don't hire people that they are personally offended by.  As nice a person as you may be, an assault conviction looks pretty bad to someone looking add to their team.  Assault against a child, in the eyes of some puts you in the monster category.  You may want to see if expungement is a viable option in your state.  Check with your local legal aid office for assistance getting this legal process done.  

You may also contact your local United Way office.  The United Way may be able to guide you to local veteran's advocacy groups that could help you in your job search efforts or put you in touch with volunteer 
opportunities that could lead to possible employment opportunities.

Here is a link to a long list of veteran aid groups.  Hopefully you will find some resources that will be helpful in overcoming your situation.

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This Book Has Helped Thousands of Felons Get Jobs ! You can get a copy of this book for as little as $5.00 Click Here!

 No Jobs for a Veteran who is a Felon

Eric Mayo

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