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Monday, October 30, 2017

Lady Felon Searching for a Job

Lady Felon Searching for a Job


Lady Felon Searching for a Job

My name is Anita, I was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in February of 2003, It was a death by motor vehicle, and there were no drugs or alcohol that contributed to the accident. I received a three years probation, the accident actually occurred on October 2001, I just had to wait for a court date because it was tried by a jury.

On April 2005, I was charged with a misdemeanor for which I received a 1 year probation or until my fines were paid. I received unemployment from the job because they found that I wasn't responsible for the money being missing. I just was too afraid to take it to court because I was afraid of the outcome. My lawyer told me to plead no contest, I didn't want to but I didn't have the $5000.00 it would cost for a proper defense.
Lady Felon Searching for a JobAnyway, I was working for Moore County Schools, and I disclosed my criminal record before I was hired, but they can't find the application. I hadn't been convicted at the time I had started substituting for the school, and at that time it wasn't required unless you have been convicted. However, when I was asked to take on a Teacher's Assistant position in 2004, I had been convicted, and I filled out the criminal record part on the computer at the school. I thought that I was not going to be able to get the job because of my record. To make a long story short, someone called a T.V. station and told them that I had a criminal record. I was then asked to resign from my position.

Right now I have been unable to get a job, and I thought since the involuntary manslaughter charge was an accident that it didn't matter, and the misdemeanor charge wouldn't have any bearing on my job because I didn't work with money. I never got reprimanded for my work performance, and in fact I received great evaluations. I tried to go to a place that helped people with records get a job, but it was limited to those that actually went to prison, or those that had a drug problem. Is there any organizations out there that could help me find a job?

Lady Felon Searching for a Job

Hello Anita,

I'm sorry your situation is causing you so much stress. As I often suggest to certain people who want to work in schools, try private or charter schools whose hiring practices are more liberal than public school systems.

Often ex-offender and felon job searches require some help from an attorney. Contact your local legal aid
office to seek assistance in getting your criminal record sealed or expunged since they are non-violent offenses. I should make getting a job easier.

I also suggest applying for temporary jobs. Often if temporary employees are good, they are hired on a permanent basis. When applying for temporary employment, it is better to apply at small independent agencies rather than larger national companies. Smaller agencies are free to hire anyone they choose. You do have marketable skills, so you are in a better position than most ex-offenders and felons job 

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Lady Felon Searching for a Job

Lady Felon Searching for a Job

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  Lady Felon Searching for a Job

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