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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Felon wants job in Information Technology

Felon seeks professional employment

I am currently in the process of getting my degree in Information Technology. I am concerned that when I receive my degree, I will not be able to land a job because of my background. I was convicted of Possession With The Intent to Distribute ,8 years ago. I have spoken to a lawyer and he said that in Virginia, if you plead guilty there is no way to expunge the conviction from my record.

Now, I have stayed out of trouble since then and that is my only felony. When I see a job on-line, I notice that they say "must be able to pass a background check". What exactly does this mean. I seen on-line comments that it depends on the charge and the how long it has been. I would one day like to be able to receive a security clearance. Do you think I will ever be able to get past this blemish on my record or will I always be doom because of my past?

Thank you,


Hello Daniel,

Unfortunately your conviction isn't going anywhere. You have nothing to lose by applying for every job you believe you are qualified for. One suggestion I have for ex-offenders and felons looking for professional jobs is to always apply by mail using your resume and a well written letter of introduction that explains exactly what you are trying to accomplish.  Never mention that you have a criminal record until the employer does.  Hopefully using this method, your criminal record will not even come up.  If it does come up, briefly explain what the problem was and focus on your accomplishments and why you are the person for the job. 

Take a look at the video below.  It will give you some insight on this method.

Advice for ex-offenders looking for jobs :  Sending Resumes and Cover letters

Don't make the mistake that many ex-offenders and felons make looking for jobs. Do not assume that because you have a criminal record you will not be hired.  You must go after every job you feel you are qualified for.   Don't give up. Remember, even a blind man will hit something if he throws enough rocks.

I hope this helps.

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