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Monday, October 24, 2016

Companies that hire Felons

Companies that hire Felons


Five Bottom Line Reasons Why Employers Should Hire Ex-Felons
One of the things felons can do to ensure job search success is knowing where where to apply. Many nation-wide companies have been known to hire felons. Ex-offender and felon jobs will be easier to get when one knows where to look.  There are jobs for felons and many employers will hire people with criminal records as long as their crimes were not violent, theft related or sex offenses.

There are a number of options open to ex-offenders and felons when it comes to where to find leads for jobs.  For example, if you are a tradesman, you could look in the yellow pages and call independent contractors to inquire if they are looking for qualified help.  If you are a cook, you may want to call restaurants, catering companies and hotels to inquire about available positions.  Large retailers and supermarkets often have stock and warehouse jobs available for hard working individuals.  You may have greater success applying to smaller local companies than large companies.  Your record may be less of an issue to a smaller company that has the power to hire anyone it wants.

Companies that hire FelonsTemporary agencies are still another great option.  Temp agencies are a good way for ex-offenders and felons to get work quickly.  Many temporary employees are hire permanently if they prove to be hardworking.  Once again, you will probably have greater success applying at smaller independent agencies rather that large, nation-wide agencies.  The larger companies may have policies that forbid the hiring of people with criminal records.  Make a list of temporary agencies in your local area and start applying just like you would any other job.

Companies that hire FelonsIf you a frequent reader of my blog, you know that my favorite options for finding job leads is your local One-stop Career Center.  The local one-stop will have list of available jobs in your area with instructions on how to apply.  You can also get help with putting a resume together and even with interviewing skills.  You can get one-on-one assistance that will make finding a job a lot easier.  There may also be opportunities for training for a new career.

One-stop Careers are underutilized resources the could make a difference in your job search.  You can find your nearest center here:

Where can ex-offenders and convicted felons find jobs 


Companies that hire Felons
There may be human services organizations in your area that offer programs and support for ex-offender and felons. For example, The United Way supports many social service agencies that may help felons.

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Companies that hire Felons


Jobs for Felons: Companies that hire Felons

Jobs for Felons: Five Things that get Ex-offenders and Felons Jobs

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Companies that hire Felons

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