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Friday, April 18, 2014

Felon mom in Fl needs a job

Felon mom in Fl needs a job

Felon mom in Fl needs a job

I came across the blog about "How Felons can get jobs"; I hope maybe you can give me some advice. I am a 35 yr old single mother of 3 from Polk County, Fl. When I was younger (my teen yrs into adulthood) up until I was 23, I rebelled. I always had a bad temper and I was the know it all who wore my heart on my sleeve. When someone attacked me, I would attack back in which I earned myself 1 night in jail and 3-4, misdemeanors (not at the same time).

After having my children, I grew up and gained control of myself. I have stayed out of trouble for 10 yrs now but I am having an awful time gaining employment. I have a security clearance approved by the government but still most companies will not hire me. I have been recently laid off in security due to the economy. I spend everyday applying for jobs, sending out my resume and going on interviews. During the interviews employers love my credentials, my skills and want to hire me right away, but once I mention my past or the background comes back, they shut the door in my face. I have applied to big and small companies, temp work and even fast food. I get the same with all. I have NO felonies and the misdemeanors I have were never committed again. I have proven that I have learned from my past. I've put in the education, so what else can I do to get past my past? Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend.

Best Wishes, K

Felon mom in Fl needs a job

Felon mom in Fl needs a jobHello K,

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble.
Frequent readers of this blog are familiar with my next suggestion. I encourage all ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs to visit their local One-stop Career Center. One-stop Career Centers are very underutilized resources that ex-offenders and felons can use not only to get jobs, but to get career counseling and training. In addition, these centers provide a long list of valuable services. There are 24 Regional Workforce Boards in Florida which are responsible for implementing the employment programs in their regions. Services available include referrals to employment, career counseling, assistance with job search and placement, access to computers/internet, resume preparation, phone/fax machines, copy machines, interest, aptitude and basic skills testing and other special programs tailored to meet employment needs of those facing barriers to employment.

Each center has trained counselors that provide one-on-one assistance. Many of them have experience assisting ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs. The counselors can also assist you with with the Federal Bonding Program. Ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs can be bonded through a program offered by the federal government. It would make it easier for those with criminal records to get hired if employers are insured against theft or fraud.

You can find more about the Federal Bonding Program here:


You can find out about the One-stop Career Centers in Florida and how to find the nearest center to you here:

Jobs for felons
Workforce Florida

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Felon mom in Fl needs a job

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Felon mom in Fl needs a job

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