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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Felon Looking for Job in NC

Felon Looking for Job in NC

Felon Looking for Job in NCI ran across your name on line. I was hoping you could help me. my son is 22. He did 2 years DOC time in Fl and is on Probation here in Raleigh, NC for three years now. He is on interstate compact probation. He has been home since May and has been perfect. As I know you hear so much he can not find a job anywhere. He is a hard worker and has worked as a commercial fisherman and my ex-husband had a tire and wheel shop that Josh, my son, worked at from 10-16.   He was employed with a hardscaping contractor for the last six months and they were paying him 7.50 dollars to dig trenches and build patios and pools and fire pits and sort. The hours were by the weather and sometimes he only got 8 hours a week. Jay would work 60 if he could get the hours. His boss laid everyone off and is going under due to economy and so now Jay is completely unemployed again. Can you help me by telling me anywhere that might hire him in Raleigh? He does have a reliable vehicle and a current drivers license.

He did try Walmart, Ross, kmart, hilton, Marriott, Lowes, Foodlion, merchants tire, jiffy lube, verizon and even burger King and ups and they were all a no go when it got to the background part. Several of these he had two or three interviews at and then was dropped due to background. Is there anywhere of that you know for sure will? he is getting so discouraged. He is very dependable and does not drink or do drugs and has a great family life and is a great people person and laborer.

He has been through job link and dresses u know anywhere?

Felon Looking for Job in NC


Felon Looking for Job in NCI'm sorry your son is having so much trouble.  There is a concern I have.  You say he gets an interview but is turned away when the background issue comes up.  Is it possible he is not being totally honest when filling out the application.  If he answers the questions honestly, there are no surprises when background checks are done.  I encourage a every felon and ex-offender I work with to always be honest in all phases of the job search process.  Never volunteer information but if the question comes up on either on an application or interview, always answer honestly.  I know of too many people who have been less than honest when completing applications and gotten hired, only to be fired when background checks were done.  They were not fired for having criminal backgrounds, they were fired for falsifying the application.

Don't give up on the JobLink.  There are new employment listing added all the time.  Once he is registered as a JobLink client, he can check openings online.  If he hasn't already, he should speak to a counselor there so he can get one-on-one assistance. He should tell the counselor about his prior experience so he can browse available jobs by interest.  The JobLink in Raleigh is:

Capital Area JobLink at Raleigh ESC
3351 Carl Sandburg Court
Raleigh, NC 27610

In the meantime, I suggest he contact Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina. Goodwill offers ex-offenders employment opportunities in their retail locations.  This may help until he able to a find more suitable job.

You can find more information here:

I hope this helps.

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Felon Looking for Job in NC


Felon Looking for Job in NC

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