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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help
My name is Millie. On 11/8/2010. I was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  While driving my boyfriends car for him to have him drop me back off at home we were stopped by the police. I remained in the car while he jumped out and ran.

This was my first time ever getting in trouble with the law besides speeding tickets. I answered all the questions for them gave them his name address, where he lived, etc.. etc.. i was placed under arrest after they searched his vehicle. I was embarrassed didn't know who to call.  One of the ladies who was in booking with me told me to use my free call and call a bondsman. I had court the next morning was given a court appointed attorney an was out on bond...I had absolutely no money to pay this bondsman back, and then i began selling personal items on Ebay because I
was given 60 days to pay off the bondsman.

I lost my job working for one of the highest paying companies in Florence, SC and just completed my bachelors degree at the university here. About 2 months later they found my boyfriend and charged him with the same exact charged. He denied that it was his and instead of a free lawyer he actually hired a lawyer. After I investigated his lawyer that he hired found out that he was one of the best her in the town and was known to get drug offenders a must lighter sentence.

I just wanted it to be over so a couple months later I told my lawyer that I'm just ready to have the judge sentence me.  My lawyer never told me about PTI, explained to me about pardons, expungement, NOTHING.  I went to court and pleaded with the judge to lower my charge. I'm a good person and law abiding citizen. I'm working on my masters degree.  He showed NO mercy on my at all.  Told me I need to pick better boyfriends sentenced me to time served and suspended my sentence of 5 years 3 years probation. 3 years!

I met with my probation officer three times and was on probation for 3 months. She told me that she would recommend that I be released from being on probation because I'm not like the normal people she dealt with.  All I had to do was pay my fines and she would release me early.  I was broke.  I told her I didn't have the money to pay the supervising fees nor the court fees...... :-(  I started dancing for money at private parties and at local strip clubs. I never danced before.  It never crossed my mind, and the girls that danced with me all had a troubled backgrounds relating to abuse, low self-esteem, etc. I danced for a month and decided to quit.  I quit because I was raped at a bachelor party that me and another dancer did.  I never reported it or told anyone.  I just simply stopped dancing all together and the money I had saved was enough to pay my probation officer off and to apply for a pardon.

I have sought help from my local one stop. I have received the bonding paperwork from them. I have been offered several jobs but once my background check came back or they found out, the offers were taken

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

back!!! From high paying jobs to low paying jobs. From sales job to waitressing jobs.

I'm unable to receive any government assistance.  I go to food banks for food and groceries.

I need help finding employment.  I have always worked since I was 15 and now not working for nearly two years have completely change my entire outlook on life. I never thought in a million years I would be where I'm at today. I set a goal for myself daily to apply for 25 jobs a day!!! I have sought help for depression from my local vocational rehabilitation center and was denied because they advised me its not a disability. I know everyone says their story is different but I can promise you mine is.

Can you help me????

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

Hello Millie,

I agree with the judge on the fact that you should pick better friends.  I have several suggestions for you.  I encourage every felon I meet to be absolutely honest when applying for jobs.  I know there is often a temptation to not be honest on applications, but what good is it to get a job, only to lose it when the background check comes back.  Honesty is always the best policy.

As for finding a job, don't give up on the One-stop Career Center just because there was no job for you then.  There are new jobs added to lists everyday.  Another suggestion is to contact the local United Way office.  The United Way supports many social services agencies that help you in many ways.  Many of these agencies are felon friendly.  They may also contacts to organizations that have hired a felon in the past.   Stay on good terms with your probation officer. She may have know of companies who have hired her clients in the past.

My final suggestion is to apply for every job you feel you are qualified for.  Don't believe that because you are a felon, you are automatically disqualified from being hired.  Be honest, put your best foot forward and be prepared to talk about your past in a positive way.

I hope this helps.

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Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

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Lady Felon needs Jobs Search Help

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