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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Felons Turn to the Military to Find Jobs and Careers

Felons Turn to the Military to Find Jobs and Careers


U.S. soldiers patrol central Baghdad's Fadhil neighbourhood  REUTERS/Erik de Castro
More and more Ex-offenders and felons are turning to military service as a means to a career. Getting a job with a criminal record is tough. Getting a job with a criminal record in a down economy is even tougher. The United States military is finding it tougher to find qualified recruits to fill the country's demands of its foreign policies. All branches of the military have been struggling to increase their numbers as part of a broader effort to meet the needs of world wide military operation. As a result, the number of recruits needing waivers for felony convictions has grown in recent years and subsequently, the number of waivers has also grown.

In some cases the military offers waivers to convicted felons making them eligible to serve. In fact the the number of waivers has steadily risen from 2007 to the present.

Typically the crimes that can keep you out of the army are larceny, assault, rape, drug related and murder. There is also consideration for those who have only one conviction and those crimes occurred years ago.  Generally, the Army will not grant waivers to recruits convicted of sexually violent offenses, narcotics trafficking or  sales.

For many felons, this is an opportunity to not only to put their backgrounds behind them find a job, but to learn skills, trades and start careers. The military may hold valuable jobs for felons.  If a felon is considering the military as a career option, historically, the Army has the best record of granting waivers and the Marines has the next best.  Just some information.

To get more information about waivers for ex-offenders and felons contact your local military recruiter.

 Felons Turn to the Military to Find Jobs and Careers

Steps to join the US Army

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 Felons Turn to the Military to Find Jobs and Careers

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Felons can get a Fresh Start in the Military

Felons can get a Fresh Start in the Military
If you are a convicted felon between the ages of 17 and 35 the military may be the perfect opportunity to put your past behind you.

There are many benefits to a career in the military:

Pay and benefits

An enlisted person's salary starts at around $20,000 a year plus full benefits, not including monthly allowances of up to $1,500 depending on where he or she is stationed.

There are enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses can be over $20,000.  If you find that the military is a good career, you can get a full pension after serving 20 years or more.  You will still be a young man when you retire.  You can get a job or start a new career while collecting a full military pension.

Full medical coverage for you and your family.

When you join the military, you are immediately eligible for full health care benefits for yourself and your immediate family members and if you stay through until retirement, you and your family can take these benefits with you when you leave the military. These health benefits also apply to spouses and children.

Skills and training

The military is a great place to get training in basically any field.  You may also qualify for college or vocational training that can translate into a career after you leave the service

Education opportunities after you leave the military

The GI Bill pays veterans who served at least 36 months a monthly living allowance and full tuition to pay for college after they leave the military. Depending on how long the service member commits, this benefit can be used by spouses and children of veterans.

You can buy a home with no money down

By serving in the military, you will qualify for loans to purchase a home with no money down.  This benefit will be available to you even after you leave active service

No Unemployment

There is no unemployment in the military.  While other Americans struggle with unemployment, rising cost of living and other economic difficulties, the military provides employment and benefits for all who are eligible to serve.

The military will ask about any records of arrest, charges, juvenile court adjudications, traffic violations, probation periods, dismissed or pending charges or convictions, including those which have been expunged or sealed.  All government agencies including the armed services have access to all records.

Having a criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from joining the military.  An applicant with a criminal record may obtain a something called a “Moral Waiver." You can find more about Moral Waivers and criminal records from a military recruiter.

In the past, the Army has been the most lenient branch of the military and have a better record of granting Moral Waivers.

Law Violations (Trouble) Prior to Military Service

Felons can get a Fresh Start in the Military

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Felons can get a Fresh Start in the Military

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Veterans looking for Jobs

 Veterans looking for Jobs

Veterans looking for JobsMy husband is a retired army veteran with a few minor misdemeanors and a Wanton Endangerment charge. Any ideas of a network or job market we could job hunt in? The Wanton Endangerment is from an ex girlfriend claiming to point a gun at her. Looks ugly on paper. This was 3.5 yrs ago.

Where do we begin to take our first step?

Please help and thank you for your time

 Veterans looking job Jobs


I have a question.  Is the Wanton Endangerment  a conviction or merely a charge?  I ask because employers are more interested in convictions rather than charges.  You may want to get that information.  Most applications only ask about convictions.  No need to list something that is not a conviction.

In regards to networking,  the Veterans Administration has several programs to assist veterans looking for jobs.

You can get more information on these programs and other forms of veteran assistance here:

Many employers give veterans preference when hiring.  There are even tax incentives offered to employers for hiring veterans.  Your husband may want to point this out when interviewing for jobs.  The Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers employers tax breaks for hiring individuals that are in certain targeted segments of the population.  Veterans are one of the targeted groups.  You can get more information on the WOTC here:

I hope this helps

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Veterans looking job Jobs

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